Tuesday, March 30, 2010

इस मिटटी की सुध ले मेरे भाई

Think for this “mitti”

India, our country full of every sort of resources which can be gifted to any country by god touch wood we have all……we are a developing nation with having Excellency in many fields and along with a strong defense system, talent hidden in every part of the 35 provinces. youth is arising everything is going good with some problems but what’s new in this problems are all across the globe, but apart from solving these issues some our politicians or a term use “netaji” are diverting our route. Who gave them the right to diversify the country on the basis or language and caste.Raj Thackeray who calls him as a netas of Marathi, can he tells on which resource the Marathi’s are not given their rights? They are completely equal to any other Indian belonging to meghalaya, mizoram,u.p and Bihar. I am shocked that they call them selves “neta”.”Neta” was a term which was used for netaji subash Chandra Bose they were neta with their complete goals and perspectives in mind they knew in which directions they were guiding the nation.
Shaeed e azam Bhagat Singh a son of our country who in 1930’s also was completely aware of every thing happening in the world, such a great thinker they knew and understand their responsbilites, Gentleman I would like to appeal to all the youth of our country that “lets take a pledge in ourselves that what ever we do whatever decision we take,what ever step we take whether even it is of our studies think in this way how this step of our is going to effect my beloved nation.

Jai Hind

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